Helena-Reet: 6 STEPS HOW TO get closer to success, how to enter the elite circles & how to find investors to your million-euro business plans!

NordenBladet – How to become part of the elite* class? Whether you have an idea you want to turn into a business, a startup you need funding for, a partnership you want to secure, or a dream job you’d love to have; all of these things require getting into the winner’s circle. Get to know the elite community & learn how to make important connections with influential people!

1. Stop waiting to be rescued from financial mediocrity
The average person has been brainwashed to believe rich people are fortunate or dishonest. Stop believing self-made millionaires are just lucky. Being rich has very little to do with luck and everything to do with habits. Start believing you are worth every euro you earn and more. Start first believing in yourself!

The middle class lives in a perpetual waiting game for outside forces to come to their aid and grant their every wish. They are operating at a level of consciousness that encourages them to passively wait for life to improve. The hero they are waiting for may be G-d, government, their boss, or their spouse. It’s the average person’s level of thinking that breeds this approach.

Start creating a daily plan of action that will move you closer to building financial independence. The rich are savvier about money because they follow a plan of action, not because they are more intelligent. They don’t wait for their ship to come in. They build their own ship.

2. Start thinking or start thinking more
The rich know their most valuable asset is their ability to think, and because they use their mental powers so often, they become very good at it. Build your thinking muscles by pushing yourself every day to solve new problems that are directly related to amassing wealth. Creativity is critical to financial success!

3. Utilize your network
This sounds overly obvious, but you would be surprised how much people under-utilize their own personal and professional network. Even if it is not a strong connection, just knowing the same people or person opens the door much better than having zero shared contacts. Preferably, you want someone who your target also knows who can vouch for you (ideally, more than just one reference actually). If that is not possible, use whatever first, second, or third degree contacts to help you get that introduction, not matter how small.

Whether it is an investor, executive, or other successful winner’s circle member, they are always looking to meet anyone doing something interesting. They wouldn’t be where they are if they weren’t open to new and promising opportunities.

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4. Be prepared, make sure you are ready
First, make sure that this is actually the right time to make your way into the winner’s circle. If you’re not taking care of you, you’re not in a position to help anyone else and you’re not in a position to sell your ideas. Members of the millionaire’s circle could be industry leaders or high-net worth individuals – whom are respected and esteemed – and have a network that you can’t put a price on. Because of the pull and influence someone in the winner’s circle may have, it is critical you impress them. Too often, there are stories of entrepreneurs who make great impressions and have a great idea, but they used their network, resources, and energy to secure a meeting of any sorts way too early.

If your “target” thinks that there is even a small chance that you have something worthwhile, he or she will ask to meet with you. This is one major reason you need to ensure that your social media accounts come off respectable – without anything that could damage your image – and also do your best to ensure your profile most accurately reflects the impression you want to make.

5. Don’t hit up everyone at once
What happens when you text 10 girls all at once who are all friends and hanging out with each other at the time when they receive your text? If they were going to respond to you initially, they certainly wont now. Getting into the winner’s circle is the same way. Don’t contact six guys who are all friends, work at the same firm, or partners in any way. You will be embarrassed. Contact each person individually one at a time. If they decline, go on to the next one. It is always great to have multiple contacts within a circle, but you need to know how to utilize your network the right way.

6. Don’t be discouraged, just try again
Take advantage of the feedback they give you – find out why they declined and then fix it, because the next winner’s circle target you pursue will probably find the same defect. 99% of these people will be open to meeting or talking to you again in the future, so make sure not to burn ay bridges. Once you have bettered whatever it is you bring to the table, contact them again. There are a ton of cases where entrepreneurs get shut down the first time, but then after some hard work they are accepted the second time and go on to reach great success.

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Remember, the wealthy focus on earning! In the minds of millionaires, leverage is everything. The wealthy strategically focus their efforts on the most profitable areas of their businesses while leveraging their contacts, credibility, and resources to maximize the results of every action they take. The middle class sees hard work as a badge of honor. The wealthy sees success as a more important badge of honor. There is no limit to ideas; therefore, there is no limit to how much money they can earn. Rich people use other people’s money as well. So never be afraid or belittle yourself.

👉 Rich people have an action mentality… while average people have a lottery mentality.

* In political and sociological theory, the elite (French élite, from Latin eligere) are a small group of powerful people who hold a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege, political power, or skill in a society. Defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, the “elite” are “those people or organizations that are considered the best or most powerful compared to others of a similar type.”

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