Canada: APS Partners, African Entrepreneurs and Startup Visa Program

There is no doubt that many Africans, especially, those in the middle class have the ambition of having a second country and passports. But the challenge has always been that of having access to the right information and consultants that can help navigate through the process to a logical successful conclusion.

APS global partners is a business advisory company devoted to innovative entrepreneurs from around the globe willing to start their business in Canada. The company partners with immigration professionals to connect their clients with leading business advisors, financial services and designated support organizations.

This will ensure that they succeed in Canada as an entrepreneur by providing active and ongoing management of their Canadian business. At APS, we share a sincere belief that Canada has an excellent entrepreneurship environment within a start-up support ecosystem to those who wish to become a part of its landscape.

Startup Visa – In Perspective

The Canada Start-Up Visa program was introduced in 2013 by the Government of Canada to replace both the Entrepreneur and Investor Visa Programs. The former required the applicant to present a business plan for opening a business in Canada. The investor visa program allowed an applicant to invest a sum of money with the Government of Canada or Quebec in exchange for a Permanent Residence. Both the Entrepreneur and Investor Programs proved to be ineffective when it came to stimulating business activity in Canada.

The Start-Up Visa is the only federally approved business immigration program. Most provinces operate their own business immigration programs which can be very restrictive as to location and may only offer a Work Permit to applicants until their business is established.

In response to the need to allow Investors and Entrepreneurs to become Permanent Residents in Canada, a new program was introduced in 2013- the Start-Up Visa. This allowed applicants with experience in business to propose the creation of a new enterprise in Canada and go through an educational program run by a Business Incubator to prove their concept and understand the rules and regulations about running a business in Canada. Successful applicants are issued a Letter Of Support with which they can apply for a Permanent Resident Visa or a Work Permit to start their business in Canada.

The Start-Up Visa program comes in two different forms. A Business Incubator program where prospective entrepreneurs undertake a short course in doing business in Canada from an approved “Incubator” where their ideas for a new business in Canada are developed and presented to a panel of business persons and educators. A second program is for persons who pitch their business idea and plans to Angel Investors who will financially support their business ideas. In both cases, the Angel Investor or Incubator will issue a Letter of Support to the person or group behind the business plan which in turn may be used to support an Application for Permanent Residence in Canada in the long run or a Work Permit if the applicant wishes to start their business before they are approved for Permanent Residence.

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How APS Can Help Immigration Consultants Succeed

Through its global partnership program, the APS will assist immigration consultants in identifying, preparing, and polishing prospective business concepts submitted by their candidates. Their seasoned consultants from major industries will provide expert opinions on a range of topics; while helping you create a profitable business model for your candidate by identifying the best business strategies to fit your candidate’s experience and skills.

Winning Cases for Clients

Winning cases for clients by APS is through refinement of the Business Plan and Liaison with Designated Organizations. To apply for the Start-up Visa Program, the business idea or venture must receive the support of one of the designated organizations. These are business groups that have been approved by the Canadian Government to support or invest in possible start-ups.

The company will help your candidate set up a relationship with a Designated Organization – a business incubator, an angel investor group,
or a venture capital fund but APS will pitch directly to one of the Start-up Visa Program’s designated entities in order to receive their support. Every Canadian Government Approved Organization has different proposal intake processes and assessment criteria. It is the company’s job to assist applicants to craft their investor pitch, so that they present it in the best way possible and maximize the chance of acceptance.

Growing Your Business

APS ensures that the services of the immigration consultants have an impact to drive their businesses forward by helping increase their firms’ success rate with high-net-worth entrepreneurs in the market through APS pioneering business consulting program, marketing, and sales support. Their clients can also be rest assured that they will receive support throughout their entire journey of building a start-up business in Canada.

The APS Team

The APS has one of the best Immigration teams in Canada. Among them is Honorable Gerry Weiner, former Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, and Secretary of State of Canada, Executive Director, Global Relations, Partnerships, and Customer Satisfaction, APS Global Partners. Weiner brings a long and distinguished political and business career to APS.

Gerry contributes a wealth of experience, expertise, and achievement to his role as advisor to Canadian, and international investors. His extensive travels have allowed him to connect to the world, and it’s better understanding. Gerry, a Pharmacist by profession, began his political career as councillor, and Mayor of the City of Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, and was elected a Member of Parliament in 1984.

He then held several prominent federal cabinet positions, as a member of the two Brian Mulroney governments. Among his many accomplishments have been the creation of the Department of Multiculturalism, bringing forward The Canadian Multiculturalism Act, and playing a central role in the creation of the Immigrant Investor Program.

Also is James Metcalfe, a Canadian former Foreign Service Officer and Special Advisor, at APS Global Partners. James has a long history in Canadian Immigration. He was a Foreign Service Officer and was based in England, Yugoslavia, Australia and the United States as well as tours in Ottawa. He established his own successful Immigration Consulting firm in Toronto in 1993. He joined Pace Law Firm 1996 and started their immigration practice. Since 2016 he has been advising Immigration Lawyers and Consultants on immigration matters including APS Global Partners where he advises management on immigration issues.

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With his experience as a Visa Officer, Canadian Consul, and as a Consultant, he has assisted thousands of people to immigrate and to live, work, and study in Canada. His work has required extensive travel throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. James’ knowledge of immigration law and procedures has resulted in an expertise to analyze issues and resolve complex problems quickly.

Michael Shribman is the President and Founder of APS Global Partners. Michael is a serial entrepreneur that has invested in and launched multiple ventures within the healthcare and medical space. He is actively involved in mergers, acquisitions and consultancy and has founded several companies that are aggregators of ideas for projects and intellectual property in the biopharma and medical device industries.

Michael has experience consulting and advising entrepreneurs and connecting them with funders, mentors, advisers, business planners, incubators and accelerators to ensure that projects and ventures are economically viable. He has over 18 years of experience in direct marketing and sales in commercial real estate and associated businesses. Michael is a trusted adviser with a passion for identifying market opportunities and strategic partnerships to foster accelerated revenue growth for partners. Website:, Contact:, +1 416 999 2791, +1 647 916 7375.

Somorin, a Canada based journalist, immigration law expert and Business Development Consultant, writes from Toronto

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