Maryam shares, deletes an Israeli TV interview on Twitter claiming Nawaz sent delegations to normalise ties with country – Pakistan – Business Recorder

(Karachi) Social media platforms were taken by storm after Pakistan Muslim League-N vice president Maryam Nawaz tweeted a link to an interview of i24, an Israeli news channel, claiming her father sent delegations to the country to normalize ties. However, Maryam later deleted the tweet.

The PML-N leader had tweeted the link of an interview of researcher Noor Dahri, the head of counter-terrorism think-tank ITCT. In the video, Dahri can be heard speaking in the interview “about the recent visit of an advisor to the PM of Pakistan to Tel Aviv (Israel)”.

However, Maryam Nawaz soon took the tweet down after posting it. The PTI shortly put up a screenshot of the tweet, stating that Maryam had deleted it after realizing she had accidentally “exposed” her father.

In the interview, Dahri had claimed that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, during his tenure, had sent two delegations to Israel in a bid to normalize relations with the country.

“Maryam Nawaz just exposed her father Nawaz Sharif. She tweeted a link (then deleted) to the interview of Noor Dahri where he says Nawaz Sharif as PM sent 2 delegations to Israel to normalize relations #MaryamExposedNawaz,” tweeted the PTI.

In the video clip from the interview, Dahri says that an advisor of PM Imran Khan arrived in Tel Aviv during the last week of November to carry a “special message” from the premier. He did not name the advisor, though.

However, he said that PM Imran Khan was not alone in taking the initiative. “Looking at history, Nawaz Sharif sent two delegations to Israel to normalize relations,” said Dahri, adding that Benazir Bhutto had sent a delegation to Israel as well she was Pakistan’s chief executive.

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Meanwhile, in a tweet, Dahri said that instead of deleting the tweet, Maryam should have answered his questions. “I can name the person who traveled from #Islamabad to #TelAviv when
@MaryamNSharif’s father was prime minister,” he stated.

He added, “Instead of deleting the retweet, she should have answered my video and brought evidence if my allegations about her father were wrong.”

The tweet holds importance as there are rumors that the United States is pressurizing Pakistan to recognize Israel. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan has categorically rejected that Pakistan will not recognize Israel until the resolution of the Palestine issue. UAE and Bahrain are amongst the two countries which have recognized Israel.

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