TEN Startups is the leading online publication with a focus on startups and entrepreneurship in Africa and Europe.
We write about internet and tech startups out of Africa and provide our readers with data-driven analysis, interviews and startup and entrepreneurship-related news. In addition to our focus on young technology companies, we also publish other kinds of news out of the tech-space that has a commercial or cultural impact on startups and entrepreneurship in Africa and Europe.
Each month, TEN Startups hopes to reach an audience of more than 500,000 startup-interested and tech savvy people from across Africa and Europe. More info about our audience and regarding advertising options can be found here.


Our vision is to connect the African and European startup scene and to encourage entrepreneurship within Africa.


Ola Alayande

Founder and Facilitator

He is the Founder and CEO of TEN.com, founded the publication in 2010. He is excited about Africa’s future, passionate about new business ideas and lives in Ireland. Before running TEN.com (Soka & Partners) as a business, Ola worked in the media industry globally. His work at one of South Africa’s biggest magazine publishers lit a fire under him regarding entrepreneurship in Africa. You can contact him at olaalayande@TEN.com

Uzochukwu Ochogu

Lead Project Manager

He is the Lead Project Manager at TEN-startups.com. He has demonstrated abilities in team building and distilling complex technical ideas. He is a Mechatronics Engineer with a richly curated background in media production and cinematography. Occupying a strategic position at TEN-startups.com, he works with the team to drive its processes and progress with a mix of strategic positioning, tactical design and ingenious content. Uzo believes in the growth of Africa’s tech community and has immersed himself in several growth-centered ventures.You can connect with him via his mail: uzoochogu@yahoo.com


Head of Research and Strategy

She is the Head of Research and Strategy at TEN.com, with experience managing teams. Her background in technology, digital marketing and business strategy inform her critical but competitive approach to the innings within the start-up space. Rahmat is fueled by her desire to promote ingenious business ideas and nurture such ideas into subsisting businesses that will have remarkable effects on the African economy as a whole. Tagging herself a “lifelong learner,” Rahmat is agog with knowledge in technology and entrepreneurship and also building on her academic focus in Mechatronics Engineering. Rahmat believes creativity, in whatever aspect, is born out of exposure, an axiom she lives out through her interest in creative writing, fashion, and design. Rahmat is a disruptor and is always ready to take on a challenge. Reach out to arogundaderahmah@gmail.com to connect.


Head Editorial Committee

She is the Co- Editor-in-chief at ten-startup.com. She has a flair for team building and management and is passionate about recognizing talents in the start-up space. She is a creative writer and creates content relating to entrepreneurship in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Proactive and ready to spring into action, Toluwaleke describes herself as a natural born leader. She is an innovative thinker who is pointedly looking to create a robust space for information on ingenious start-ups in Africa while following its exponential rise. She has a foundation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and a sturdy background in Automation and Renewable energy and a soft spot for all matters pertaining to the female gender such as women in STEM and girl child education. You can connect with her via her email: toluwalekematilukuro@gmail.com

John AKPObome

Project Manager

He is a Project Manager at TEN-startups.com. He is passionate about creating impact in the society. He is a lover of fashion, a model, a real estate investor, a podcaster, a lover of the street. He is also a feminist( a big fan of gender equality), a women’s right activist. You can connect with him via his email: johnakpos20@gmail.com

Emmanuel Duruaku

Head of Graphics Department

He is the Head of Graphics Department of TEN.com and the official photographer for TEN. His fondness for Photography and Art as one of his recreations has made him become a Digital Content Creator, Professional Photographer, Retoucher and Urban Artist. He is the founder of ED PHOTOGRAPHY which has become one of the emerging photography brands today.

abiola adeoye

Head of Technical Department

He is the Head of technical department and contributor to ten-startup.com. He’s an analytical and creative thinker who’s interested in the Technology space in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. He enjoys reading one or two data backed articles or self development books in his spare time when he’s not having a game of lawn tennis.

Jeffrey Akhagbosu

Graphics Content Creator

He is the graphics content creator of TEN.com. He is a pivotal member of the graphics and editorial team of TEN.com. He is also in charge of the company’s branding and branded merchandise. He is a Digital content creator and graphics illustrator with a passion for design and photography. He is the founder and creative director of streetwear brand (Murph’) and is a sport, fitness and healthy living enthusiast.

Amarachi UBA

Content Writer and Research Strategist

She a Content Writer and Research Strategist for ten-startups.com. Her engineering background and experience in business management makes her stand out. Her excellent interpersonal skills makes her an interesting person to work with. She is also a fashion aficionado and an ideator, always welcome to new ideas. She sources for the next best in the africa startup space. In her free time she handles her personal blog alerosays.blogspot.com/ You can reach her via her mail: aarachi2.47@gmail.com

Daniella Ulelu

Researcher, Strategist and Content Creator

Member of Research and strategy department. Passionate about finding small businesses and assisting them to grow. YouTube content creator and interviewer.

Daniel Abayomi

Head of Website Development

He is the head of website development in ten-startups.com.
He has a keen interests in solving problems and learning new things. He aims to attain proficiency in multiple areas of interest