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Who is paying for this man’s services?

Do you have ginger hair? Do you have a beard? Good news! You might be able to supplement your day job with a side hustle of looking like Prince Harry, because apparently those are the only two criteria for the job, going by the story of Harry Poulson.

He has been stopped in the street by strangers for selfies, apparently, and has reportedly earned £5,000 since the couple married in 2018 doing nightclub appearances, and working as a movie extra. Not sure the extra work counts, to be honest.

Speaking to the Mirror, he said: “The work has quietened down since they moved to LA and I haven’t done a job since September which could be because they are in the spotlight for a different reason.

“Luckily, it isn’t my main job, it was just ad hoc work and I’ve been able to keep working through lockdown as a carpenter.

“Thankfully, no one I know has changed their opinion of him since he moved and he’s still well liked.

When he first burst onto the doppleganger scene, Poulson said he had come to realise the potential he had to work as a Harry look-alike after people approached him and did a “massive double take.

“They either do a massive double take, or genuinely ask if I’m him, in which case I usually try to put on a little show for them as a laugh. If they see through it, they normally ask for a selfie just as a laugh,” he told the Mirror in 2018.

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“Out of anybody I could look like, Harry is a good one because pretty much everyone loves him, and he’s just laid back in life,” he said at the time.

Whether Poulson’s hopes of getting more work as a look-alike after the Princes recent attention in the press are well founded remains to be seen, with Britain completely divide on his recent comments to Oprah about how he and Meghan were treated by the royal family.

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