Exclusive 360 Energy Expert Network Video Interview: The Port of Corpus Christi seen trouble before, and is open for business. – Oil & Gas 360

The Port of Corpus Christi in the western Gulf of Mexico is one of key components in the life blood for imports and exports in the United States. They the 2nd in tonnage,  and the largest port in revenue in the United States.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not the first crisis the management team has faced. Hurricane Harvey was ground zero and forced a 6 day closing of the port. In August 2017 Harvey landed as a Category 4 hurricane, and the Implement Management Team (IMC) was able to minimize the time shut down time in the disaster. 

Yesterday the Nueces County announced a “stay at home” order. The port defiantly falls into the “critical infrastructure, industry” as defined by the U.S Department of Homeland Security’s Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

Dan Genovuse, Director, EnerCom, and Stu Turley, Publisher, Oil & Gas 360, were able to sit down for a visit with Sean Strawbridge, CEO, Port of Corpus Christ  to discuss the current crisis, and the processes already being implemented by the port. 

What is the growth curve from the existing contracts oil and gas is still unknown, and the increased agricultural export contacts would not be able to balance the unknown growth potential in energy. 

Sean was able to point out that a change in the shipping lanes to the local markets of Mexico may be an opportunity to keep the energy exports moving, and protect the supply chain to Mexico for their energy imports. Continued reliance on unstable world wide supply changes would not be good for either the United States, Mexico or Canada. 

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 We appreciate the dedication of the Port of Corpus Christi’s management, and employees, keeping one of the most important U.S. transportation lanes open through disasters.

The sooner the pandemic can be slowed down, and the NFL Football league can return this season, the sooner Sean’s San Francisco 49’rs can get back to winning the supper bowl. Just a tip for interviewers: don’t bring up painful NFL memories for someone you are interviewing if you would like them back. (at the end of the video interview)

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