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Q. Let’s talk running playlist. You feature different songs from your users on every episode – how did that come to be?

A. My running playlist had become something to be reckoned with – and one of my favorite segments. This was a feature I intended from the beginning, but I never thought I’d have so many listener contributions to it!  

My taste is music is wide and non-discriminating, and so necessary for my solo runs and races. There’s actually been a few studies about how music affects the brain while exercising, and how it can assist in shutting down certain pain receptors. The right song list, for me, makes all the difference in a run, and makes a treadmill run WAY more bearable.  

Music is a non-negotiable in my life, and I wanted to make that a recurring theme in the show.  Plus, who doesn’t need another playlist to run to??

Q. What are your goals for Bad Case of the Runs? How do you see it growing in the future?

A. To keep it somewhat consistent, and go back to a format of featuring a topic or question from a listener in the show. I would love to push my social marketing a little more as my children grow and I will have (maybe) slightly more time to dedicate to that.  

My other goal, honestly, would be to write a book about my experiences, but it’s something I’ve only been thinking about very recently when someone put the bug in my head.

I’ve met listeners at local events and races, and I’d love for that to be more of a thing, per se. I’m doing Big Sur in April, and have already corresponded with a few listeners who will be there – which is so fantastic!  I just want to grow in terms of reaching more runners and potential runners, and add to this awesome community of my salty positivity to recreational running.

Q. Between running and working full time, how do you also find time to regularly add new episodes? Tell us your secret!

A. It doesn’t always come together as planned, like I mentioned. Teething and sick kids, on top of them giving me their bugs, working, and some traveling – it certainly isn’t easy.

I am stubborn, though, and even when I want to call it in and skip an episode, I generally don’t give myself that break and push myself to do it – because I do love it, and I don’t want to lose that consistency.  In the past couple months, I have actually had to skip a couple shows, which blows, but I am still motivated to keep going.

My listeners play a huge part in it, and their emails and comments really push me – I never thought my stories and running would be helpful to others, honestly, and the fact that people have said I’ve inspired them in their own running journey – it’s amazing, and if I can help one person – that is all I need.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start a podcast of their own?

A. Do the legwork. Read about starting a podcast, watch videos, try different audio editors, check out all the hosting sites, get a logo, make notes – find what will work for you and plan things ahead of time. Have your website ready before you go live, and have multiple episodes ‘in the can’ before you go live.

 Having some content ready to go so you can get ahead of yourself is so huge.  It’s easy to get ahead of yourself because you’re excited, I GET IT. Pace yourself (all puns intended), and create the foundation before you start really building on it. Have a solid idea of the format you want and generally how you want to show to go, however loose as that may be. It’s easier to have the outline to fill in, rather than flying by the seat of your pants.

Trust me, I’m the queen of being a dumpster fire many times in my life, but if you want to be serious about starting a show–plan, plan, plan. It’s so much more than sitting down in front of the mic if you want to do something long term.

Alright-Fuck this! Let’s go running! 🙂   (my sign off for my show, haha)

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