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An Affordable and Flexible Solution

There are some providers today that can give a much cheaper alternative than G Suite. However, the business email of your company is not something that you should spare a buck for. Having a reliable email host that can help you move forward can actually give you more savings in the future.

It is also possible to choose a discounted rate by going for a yearly subscription. You can get as much as a 20% savings with an annual subscription compared to the monthly ones. The great thing about this is that you can still get billed every month for your yearly subscription if this is what you’d prefer.

Quite a Secure Platform

Since it is built on the Google Cloud Platform, G Suite provides its users with the top security that they can get on the market today. There are many major companies that rely on it right now such as Verizon, HP, Whirlpool and even Salesforce. Google even informs the public that they are leading with a mindset focused on security first. They possess industry expertise and knowledge which backs all of their products including G Suite.

Take a look at some examples of how G Suite can protect you:

G Suite Admin – Provides the administrator with the power to take control of how data is being protected, check reports and even manage mobile devices remotely. Administrators on G Suite will disallow employees the ability to turn on apps that it considers less secure.

TLS Encryption – There is email encryption provided for incoming and outgoing mail.

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Assessments, Audits and Certs – There are several third-party audits being done on G Suite regularly.

Retention of Data – You can take advantage of G Suite’s ability to archive, retain, export and search data throughout various storage locations.

Privacy – Google won’t be scanning, collecting or making use of your data in G Suite services for the purpose of advertising. You won’t be seeing any ads on your G Suite products as well. If it’s your data, then it will remain yours.

Transparency – You can get transparency reports provided by Google which are done to keep you informed.

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