New SA ed-tech startup launches to disrupt tutoring market

South African ed-tech startup Disrupt Tutoring has launched its platform that provides free, personalised tutoring to anyone with the burning desire to learn or teach.

Public from this month having been formed in April, Disrupt Tutoring has built a growing library of tutorial videos, which users can assess freely via no sign-ups and no subscriptions.

If a user can’t find an answer to their specific questions via these videos, they can send it directly to the startup, which will respond with a personalised video, which it will also add to its video library.

The concept was developed by two co-founders, educator Jedd Harris and tutor Wade Stanton-Jones, who are hoping to bridge the education gap, as well as inspire youth.

“We see ourselves as a true redistribution vehicle, connecting the private sector to youth development,” Harris told Disrupt Africa.

“Our concept forms a positive sum game, in which everyone benefits in some way. Private sector benefits through favourable brand exposure, improved reach as well as a more educated workforce. Learners and students benefit through improved access to quality education, which has shown to have a strong link to improved standard of living. The education system has a freely accessible education tool that can improve their own teaching.”

At the moment Disrupt Tutoring is self-funded, but ultimately the plan is for the platform to be funded through advertising space purchased by sponsors.

“As we are sponsor-funded, the significant impact COVID-19 has had on budgets made it difficult to secure a sponsor pre-launch, despite excitement from a number of South Africa’s large corporates,” said Harris.

“Only smaller businesses for now have purchased video bundles. We are concluding a couple of conversations with some corporates.”

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