5 agri-tech startups join Senegal Startup Accelerator

5 agri-tech startups join Senegal Startup Accelerator

Five agri-tech startups have been selected to join the Senegal Startup Accelerator run by Kosmos Innovation Centre and Reach for Change; receiving six months’ incubation and US$2,000 seed funding.

The Senegal Startup Accelerator aims to support young Senegalese entrepreneurs with innovative ideas tackling the challenges facing the agriculture sector using technology.

The programme – run by  run by the Kosmos Innovation Centre and Reach for Change – helps selected entrepreneurs to develop their commercial solutions and maximize their impact, through a six month schedule of intensive and expert training, as well as organised visits to established businesses for market research and professional mentoring. The chosen startups also receive US$2,000 each in seed funding, with the chance to secure additional funding upon completion of the programme.

Five Senegalese ventures have been selected to join the accelerator, which kicks off this month.

The cohort comprises Jappandil – a platform that connects farmers to qualified agricultural experts, service providers and materials needed to improve farming practices and access the latest innovations; Tool Bi, which works to facilitate irrigation with an electronic innovation and improve agricultural yields; Fraisen/Waalu Ma Aagri – an efficient way of producing organic strawberries locally in Senegal at an affordable cost; Sigle:Senphytomed Suarl, working in the conservation of medicinal plants; and food waste solution GIE Senbioagro Corporation.

“Through this accelerator programme, we’re delighted to do our part to ensure young, promising entrepreneurs have the skills and support needed to help turn their innovative business ideas into reality. Each winner will be guided through the process of developing a product that is ready for market and meets a real market need, contributing to the creation of a healthy and competitive agricultural sector in Senegal. Look out for five exciting new products coming to the market in just six months’ time,” says Mamadou Mar Faye, external affairs and corporate social responsibility (CSR) manager at Kosmos Energy.

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