SA security startup AURA continues international expansion with UK launch

SA security startup AURA continues international expansion with UK launch

South African security response platform AURA is continuing to expand its footprint internationally with a launch in the United Kingdom (UK), where it aims to have 10,000 users receiving the company’s service within seven months. 

AURA has developed a cloud-based security and safety platform that provides on-demand, geographically-variable security responses from an aggregated collection of the best independent armed reaction companies in South Africa.

Its solution allows for a shift from location-specific protection to location-independent response and support, and offers a means of aggregating the supply of an otherwise fragmented industry without the need for the significant acquisitions activity that would ordinarily be associated with consolidation.

The startup, which has secured a couple of tranches of funding from HAVAÍC, a South African investment and advisory firm, is now expanding internationally, and launched in Kenya last month. It has followed that up with the announcement of a launch in the UK, where its technology platform will enable anyone to access the closest vetted private security and medical response unit to their location, anywhere, anytime, using a connected device.

Warren Myers, AURA’s chief executive officer (CEO), said that while the police and emergency services in the UK are generally excellent, there were still gaps for AURA to address to help users of its platform be safer. 

“AURA’s vision is the same wherever we go: to create a world where everyone is safe. In a market where risk is increasing and a very capable police force is being stretched, we see AURA as an important part of the safety ecosystem. Our longer-term vision is to assist alarm monitoring companies with the ability to immediately dispatch vetted security personnel to verify an alarm activation via our platform,” he said.

Newly-appointed UK regional manager Craig Eliasov said the innovative technology behind AURA presented an exciting opportunity to add value to the general public and make life safer, easier, and better for anyone using the platform. 

“I’m most looking forward to demonstrating that the human need for safety is scalable globally. AURA has a clearly defined strategy with proven success. We are moving through our B2C approach methodically in an agile way to react and adapt to learnings and data in the UK market,” he said.

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