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You have probably heard of the phrase, “Knowing what you cannot do is more important than knowing what you can.” However, many people still overlook the importance of learning what not to do during an interview. To avoid potential pitfalls that hurt your first impression and your chance of getting hired, learn the following tips before your next interview.

Do Not Waste the Powerful Seven Seconds

Studies show that first impression is formed within the first seven seconds of meeting. Do not wait for the interviewer to make the first move, but impress him or her by giving a firm handshake and a confident smile. After greeting, the next crucial step is to have the right posture. Avoid sitting stiffly and leaning back, but sit upright to show that you are motivated and engaged. Last but not least, keep your eyes focused when you listen and make eye contact with everyone if there are multiple interviewers.

Bring Solutions Not Problems

Everyone has a frustrating working experience at some point in their career. Despite that, your interviewer is not your best friend but a potential employer looking for a positive team player. When asked about your reason of leaving your previous job, speaking negatively about your previous employers or co-workers shows that you are a poor team player who complains a lot. Instead, speak in a neutral or positive tone and focus on what you have learned from that experience, such as your stress management skill and problem-solving skill.

Be Confident Not Arrogant

Presenting your best self to the interviewer is a must, but “trying too hard” can get you into big trouble. Many people tend to self-aggrandize when the most dreaded question is asked – your weaknesses. Instead of giving insincere answers like “I am a perfectionist,” speak truthfully by describing how you would improve on your weaknesses while avoiding deal-breaking flaws that are directly related to the job. Another common mistake is showing overconfidence when explaining why you are a good candidate. Refrain from using phrases like “I am a perfect fit” as if you are entitled to the job, but prove that you are highly qualified with facts and numbers.

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Be Passionate About What You Do

If you are unsure about the job you are applying for, your hesitation would likely come through during the interview. Nothing is more powerful than passion. In the end, interviewers are looking for people who actually love what they do. If you are questioning whether the job is right for you, then maybe it’s better for you to find out what you really love! Many people work at their 9-5 jobs for years only to realize that they hate their jobs more and more. If you are not loving what you do, start by taking some courses and build a network in the field that you love, whether that being coding, web design, marketing or sales. You may not have the industry experience that the companies are looking for, but remember, nothing is more powerful than passion.

With these tips in mind, we wish you the best luck in your next interview!

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