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Kathmandu: Nepal Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli has tricked the nation in a braodday light.

As things have begun coming to the fore, his duplicity was in collusion with the Indian PM Modi, high placed sources reveal.

To boost Prime Minister Oli’s sinking nationalist image, the Islamophobic Indian Prime Minister, hopefully under a secret “Nepal damaging game plan” accepted to elevate Oli’s dipping image.

But at what price? Selling Kalapani and Limpiya Dhura? Yes. It is.

It is here where some “give and take” has for sure may have struck in between the two Prime Ministers, Indo-pendent Oli and Indian PM Modi. A close to surety guess work indeed.

What Nepal PM Oli lost in this “grand game” we will come to it later.

As had been assumed by this online portal, PM Oli proved himself that his “intelligence” emanates and counts on the blessings of Delhi establishment now under grip of Islamophobic Indian PM Modi.

PM Oli has thus in an indirect manner assured India that he “remains still indebted to the former British slave-regime for his KIDNEY transplant in the mid-nineties at the Medanta Hospital, Delhi which was for free.

He did it with proper finesse but nation is paying the cost.

Oli’s Kidney overhaul was free as against the UML leader K.P. Sharma Oli’s “wholehearted and unconditional” support extended to the Indian regime during the selling of the Nepali River Mahakali to India at a dirt cheap price.

Notably, it was primarily KP Oli who along with Madhav Nepal played the key role in submitting the entire Mahakali River to India in the mid-nineties.

The same UML’s Oli is Nepal PM at the moment who by inviting the corrupt, dirty, money spinner and ugly BJP anchor of the Zee TV, Sudhir Choudhry last week in many more ways than one “insulted the Chinese regime” in a braodday light in Kathmandu.

A visible jolt to the Chinese regime.

The entire event of the Zee TV in Kathmandu with PM KP.

Oli was to subtly convey the northern neighbor that India and the Indian nationals were closer than the Chinese regime.

China must have come to its senses which was long overdue.

Or else why should PM Oli invite such a TV man from India who is on record to have talked not only nonsense and indecent but dirty and ugly comments about the sitting lady Ambassador of China, Hou Yanqui.

Sudhir Chaudhary was the one who a few months back initiated a hatred campaign in series through his Zee TV Channel against the Lady Chinese Ambassador.

The words and the licentious languages Sudhir had used and aired for several weeks to defame the Lady Chinese envoy, Hou Yanqui, is still resonating in our minds.

Question thus is why PM Oli wanted the same media anchor from India to interview him?

Understandably, PM Oli is not going to answer this question simply because PM Oli himself willingly wanted to “defame” the Chinese envoy and through her the entire Chinese nation.

Oli has cheated China.

Recall the fresh event wherein Ambassador Hou pleaded Oli to vacate the Chair for Communist party Unity.

This enraged PM Oli and promised to malign China soon.

If so then let’s presume that PM Oli made known to China that he was never a China bend political man in Nepal.

That he was out and out an India man got proved when he invited tactfully the ruffian Sudhir Chaudhary to interview him.

Sujit Chaudhary is the one who is taken as a disgusting and repulsive Indian anchor in the length and breadth of Nepal.

He centered the “planted questions” in such a way that the audiences, both in Nepal and India, have had to listen to the opinions expressed by the Nepal Prime Minister which were somewhat ear pleasing to the common population of Nepal-the mass that has felt ever threatened by the regional bully and the country of the former slave administered then by the East India Company.


The planted questions were sent to Nepal Embassy in Delhi by Oli’s “team” of advisors with RAW bend and later to media hooligan, immoral, highly arrogant and etiquette less-ruffian, Sudhir Choudhary of the Zee TV, which he posed to PM Oli at time of the “preplanned and doctored” interview.

The Nepal Embassy in Delhi headed by Ambassador Nilambar Acharya did all the necessary and the required job in convincing the erratic Zee TV anchor that while interviewing the Nepal PM in Kathmandu, the anchor Sudhir have had simply to ask the planted questions and that he, (the sold anchor) will not interrupt with cross questions while the interview was in progress.

To the utter dismay of the entire billion population watching the interview with Zee news, the anchor Sudhir Choudhary presented himself as the “best and most obedient” student of Prime Minister Oli.

Was Sudhir a sold anchor? Perhaps yes. He may have collected good price from Oli.

In fact, there were no cross questions which is what drew the attention of the entire audiences both in India and Nepal.

Since the questions were of PM Oli’s likings so Oli prevailed over the anchor.

The entire show was dominated by Nepal PM because of the “sponsored interview” that it was.

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The entire session of the interview appeared that the Nepali school Headmaster PM Oli was talking or taking a very important “tutorial class” and the student from the Indian side was attentively listening to what his Head master was telling to him in the class room.

Among so many questions and answers that followed during the “staged and dramatized” interview, Nepal Prime Minister Oli very smartly made a “fool” of the Northern neighbor-China.

Whatever PM Oli said or talked of China, Nepal’s giant neighbor in the North, were all cosmetic consolation to the Chinese regime.

As observers in Nepal could get from PM Oli’s utterances for China, all were “coated with structured formalities” and nothing more than that.

For instance, just imagine as to how PM Oli could roll red carpet welcome to one Indian scoundrel-the immediate disciple of international thug Indian PM Modi, who just a few months ago had insulted the Ambassador from China posted in Nepal and that too for, as mentioned in the paragraphs earlier, several weeks.

The Zee TV under the grip of the “inferiority complex” ridden Indian national, Sudhir, who takes sadistic pleasure in harming others’ inner sentiments and uses media power for “ulterior motives”.

More so, Sudhir Choudhary personally had dragged the Nepal based Chinese Ambassador, Hou Yanqui, accusing her to have mesmerized the Nepal Prime Minister Oli through her natural charm and beauty.

He took the formal ties in between the Nepal Prime Minister Oli and the sitting Chinese envoy to a very deplorable level which could only emanate from a corrupt, immoral, erratic, filthy and dirty mind that Sudhir Choudhary proved himself to be.

Our intention is not to malign the media credentials whatever Sudhir Choudhary has inside the former slave country that India is, all that we want to make it clear is that even so-called fiery and self-proclaimed media veterans in India too were on pay roll of the aliens.

Strong rumors in Nepal after the airing of the Oli interview in the Zee TV, have it that the whole drama had been a buying-selling event wherein someone expressed his views and the other without any reluctance or for that matter hesitation aired the entire conversation but at a price.

The end result:

The mission got completed. The undertaking being the meticulous design of the Indian establishment in collusion with Nepal Prime Minister K.P Sharma Oli which was to sound China that henceforth the Communists of Nepal were not friendly to China.

Comparatively, the Indian communists though differ with their own government on many a political issues internally, however, as regards China, the Indian communists too take China as their “declared enemy” as the Indian government and generally follow to what comes to them from the government in Delhi.

Inferiority complex ridden media person like Sudhir Choudhary, ever depressed Palki Sharma Upadhyaya, Arnav and Sweta Singh et al vomit venom against China and Nepal for which they are paid handsome amount.

High placed sources in Kathmandu’s political circuit believe that most of the Nepal Communists leaders are in the regular payroll of the Indian regime more so of the RAW spy agency.

India has a sizeable “asset” in Nepal. China takes these Indian assets as its friends. This is the puzzle.

The RAW thus rules Nepal through its highly paid and posted agents in Nepal.

To recall, Ms. Sweta Singh , Palki Upadhyaya together with Sudhir Choudhary were the three main media men/women in India who have had insulted Chinese envoy alleging her that “she has love-trapped PM Oli to act against India.

Ms. Palki Upadhyaya from the Gravitas-India was hand in globe in denouncing PM Oli to have been teasing India with the strength of the Chinese regime for which Madame Hou Yanqui was instrumental.

Palki Upadhyaya also was in Kathmandu with Sudhir Choudhary. This means two noted scoundrel were in Nepal at a time. A planned trip.

That the fresh Oli interview with Choudhary and Palki Upadhyaya were a planned game of the Modi administration plus the RAW to enhance the nationalist image of Prime Minister K. P. Oli as against the Chinese regime got proved.

The mission was a grand success in that China has been shown its surface in Nepal. China must pay for its 2005-6 blunder.

The Chinese regime now has to accept the fact that with aligning itself with the Shyam Saran-RAW nexus, the unceremonious ouster of King Gyanendra during 2005-6 Nepali upheaval was a Himalayan blunder of the Beijing regime.

The Chinese regime has to understand the meaning underneath as to why at this juncture, immediately after PM Oli’s disparaging expressions made against China (Oli in an oblique manner told the Indian media that India was more closer than China), the Nepali Ambassador Nilambar Acharya rushed to see the defunct Chief of the Indian Defense, Bipin Rawat who very recently had warned Nepal not to get excited with its ties with the Chinese regime and that it would be best for Nepal to keep China at a comfortable distance.

Rawat warned Nepal not to jump to the fold of China but instead learn from the blunders of some South Asian countries who were debt trapped by the Chinese regime.

Prior to Rawat’s coercive warning to Nepal, Indian Army Chief is on record to have point blank stated, May 15, 2020, that “Nepal has been pouncing upon India at the behest of China”.

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All these put together, China will have several political jolts in Nepal in the immediate days ahead.

The India sponsored and meticulously crafted design against China is already in place in Kathmandu.

Given the fresh bill that has been passed in the US which has been designed to take care of the Tibetan refugees in Nepal may unfold multiple issues and critical problems for neighboring China.

The Dalai Lama factor too will haunt China in the days ahead from Nepali soil.

Nepal is likely to renounce the One China Policy plus may out rightly ignore also the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

Nepal Prime Minister Oli and his RAW bend team inside and outside the Baluatar private residence is hand in glove with India and has come into the open to summarily minimize the role and the political influence of China in order to favor the more enhanced role and the penetration of the all-time coercive and the hooligan regime-that India surely is.

That China is the target of both India and China through Prime Minister Oli has further been explained by the Nepal government’s “clandestine” act of elevating the ranks of the South Asian scoundrel-India at the UN Security Council.

Foreign Minister Gyawali while being in the service of Delhi babus expressed Nepali willingness to support India-the enemy nation by all measuring standards, on matters of UNSC issues that help improve the weight of the coercive regime at the UN Security Council.

Writes analyst Arun Budhathoki, “India refuses to return our territories but Nepal FM was sent to convey that Nepal supports India’s UNSC seat membership. Lest we forget, it took Nepal to bypass India to get the UN membership because India was always against it. I must say, PM Oli has lost his ways now”.

PM Oli‘s India bend is horrible and thus a matter of sheer shame for Nepal.

Isn’t it a crime committed by PM Oli government in lieu of the “dramatized Zee TV News interview which had only and only “planted questions” from the Nepali side?

Fraudulent Sudhir Chaudhary is no less than arrogant and close to an idiot Arnav Goshwami who, as per the social media was celebrating the much publicized Pulwama attack?

Many Indian nationals believe that Arnav was himself present in and around Pulwama in order to sweep the elections in favor of the Party he was active member.

“Our soldiers died in Pulwama and this guy (Arnav) is celebrating on catching the news first. Now the nation really knows his commitments towards our soldier”, comments an Indian national on Social media.

Observers in contact with this online portal say that India itself engineered the Pulwama attacks and martyred its soldiers but put the blame onto the heads of rival Pakistan.

Many now believe that Pulwama attack had been an orchestrated event. It was for sure.

Arnav needs to be punished the Talibani way, suggests yet another Indian national.

All these scraps put together, what is for certain is that Nepal Prime Minister has already become a handy tool of the Indian establishment to be used against China as per the desire (?) of the architects of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Indo-Pacific Strategists.

The MCC for Nepal tentatively means challenging the Belt and Road Initiative of China which is sure to invite direct confrontation of the US with China in Nepal.

Many believe that PM Oli will approve soon the US’s MCC thereby sounding China that he has shifted his political allegiances somewhere else?

China continues to lose in Nepal. Yet China will stay in Nepal for sure.

China, India and the US interests is sure to collide in Nepal.

Aptly writes analyst Mahabir Poudyal that “Chinese, Americans and Indians are no fools. They will not give up on their strategic interests, irrespective of whether Nepal is in stability or turmoil. For example, US might use its weight to obligate Nepal to honor the Tibet Policy and Support Act (TPSA) and get the MCC endorsed.  India might stand behind. China might warn Nepal against doing just that”. This does mean that Himalayan problems are very close to hit Nepal. That’s all.

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