The IT infrastructure you need to get your startup business off the ground

The IT infrastructure you need to get your startup business off the ground

As a small business owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about your internet connection, phone solution, or the security of your data. You have bigger things on your plate – like how you’re going to get customers, selling and making a profit!That’s where we come in; making sure things run smoothly with our scalable small start-up solutions and our dedicated support team – taking a huge weight off your shoulders, putting your mind at ease, and allowing you to concentrate on making your business a success.

With this said we have the start-up essentials, a hand-selected stack of solutions, that will help your business cut down on costs, grow, streamline procedures, and inevitably succeed.

Our products that we have hand-selected for start-up businesses include:

Small Start-Up Essentials 

Your staff will need fast and reliable internet to work at full steam ahead, and with 95% uptime guaranteed and speeds of up to 300 Mbps – our FibreToThe Business packages are just what you need to succeed.

Why IBusinessFibre Better For Your Business?

When it comes to reliabilityFibre optic cables are a lot safer than old, slow copper cables, and are a lot harder to steal or break. Fibre cables are also less susceptible to electricalinterferences.They are also not shared with other businesses which adds an extra security layer. The high speeds that Business Fibre can provide you with are also a huge benefit. With fast Fibre upload and download speeds, you are able to quickly and timeously download and send off large documents and files to your clients, as well as deal with customer requests and queries online in seconds.

Equip your business with a VoIP phone solution that works hand-in-hand with your Business Fibre solution to save you money on call costs in comparison to traditional Telkom landlines.

Why you should invest in a VoIP line

The main reason for investing in RSAWEB’s VoIP solution is that by using our service and software,you will be able to save your growing business a lot of money – as the amount of data needed to place or receive a call is minimal. This is important because finding the most cost-effective way to make calls still remains a financial incentive for small, growing businesses like yours – as does staying up to date with the tech and evolving with it instead of having to catch up!

Our VoIP solution also provides you with far superior voice quality which means no more crackling lines, or having the person on the other end barely audible when speaking. Our VoIP solution is also extremely reliable and comes with a call–forwarding feature so you never have to miss important messages from customeragain.

Make sure your vital business data is online, safe and readily accessible for all your staff members, both in the office and from their remote work stations.

How Data Management Can Protect Your Business & Help You StreamlineProcedures

When it comes to your business’s online files, they need to be readily available for your staff at the click of a button, from wherever it is they might be – working from home, in the office, or potentially on-site with one of your clients. On top of this, those files need to be stored ina safe and secure online environment that is password-protected, as well responsive and safe from any disturbances that may occur. Find out RSAWEB’s Data Management solution can provide you with peace of mind knowing your data is constantly backed up and safe in our cloud environment, and how its always-on and readily-available features can help you streamline your procedures and speed up delivery.

Keep your customers’ data safe from dangerous cyber-attacks with our cybersecurity solution.

Why Your Business Needs A Safe & Secure Firewall

Small businesses are often the targets of cybercriminals, and these attacks can often cause irreparable damage to not only your business’s reputation, but to your bottom line, too.

From providing access control to your cloud environments that house your vital files and securing your databases and private customer information, to keeping your online systems safe from malicious phishing attacks and viruses – the internal safety of your businesss online assets and information from external forces is an important operational objective that you need to look into.

If you have a small start-up and find out what online solutions would best suit your business’s unique needs, feel free to contact our helpful team at 087 470 0000 

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