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We look at the new book by Helen Yu, aiming to help new startups with a mountaineering theme to it. You can buy the book on Amazon here.

Ascend Your Start-Up: Conquer the 5 Disconnects to Accelerate Growth, reviewed

Helen Yu has walked the walk, both literally in terms of going up to Everest Base Camp and also as a start up mentor. With each chapter she interweaves her own tough experiences going up the mountain with her experiences supporting and challenging aspiring new companies. It does help to give the book a twin narrative, will she make it up to EBC (Everest Base Camp), and what will she do to support the startups she works with, and how are the two connected.

Yu draws on her motivation to keep going, and to see out her goals. For the startups it is very much about knowing where you are, who you are, and what you need to do to get beyond the current stage you are at. Overall this blended strategy works in terms of making the book more readable and accessible. She has good insights, and having been in the game for a while she is also aware that no one approach or strategy fits for all entrepreneurs and their ideas.

Yu also covers loneliness, collaboration and cultural considerations. This all helps to ensure the book is thought provoking and covering potential new ground for readers. Coming in at under 200 pages it is a quick read too. Check it out.

More about the book

Ascend Your Start-up: Conquer the 5 Disconnects to Accelerate Growth is an industry-defining panacea for start-ups who have stalled out on their journey to the top of the mountain.

Dedicated to her late grandmother, author Helen Yu inhales multiple generations of wisdom and exhales a revolutionary framework for tech founders and CEOs that enables their businesses to scale faster and fearlessly.

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From Yu’s 15 years of first-hand experience in tech start-ups, readers will learn the 5 fundamental growth disconnects that trap start-ups in the cliffside, keep them from reaching the summit and touching the sky. Ascend Your Start-up also empowers founders and CEOs to self-reflect and grow, posing a thoughtfully architected set of 26 essential questions you can ask yourself in order to scale your business.

Inspiration flows freely through the book’s pages as Helen draws parallels between the journey of growing a start-up and her sacred promise made to her grandmother to climb Mt. Everest.

You will learn:

— Helen Yu (@YuHelenYu) August 5, 2021

Ascend Your Start-up is the profound answer to the question every start-up has asked themselves: “How do we get to the top?”

More about Helen Yu

I believe growth thrives at the intersection of #tech and #humanity. As a technology leader, I enable global players to scale through a people-first framework. I am a Global Top 20 thought leader in 10 categories, including digital transformation, AI, cloud computing, Cybersecurity, IoT and Marketing.

I am passionate about the voice of the customer to deliver game-changing digital transformations. As a customer success executive, $100M plus P&L owner, board member and advisor, I drive profitable growth for global players in the tech, eCommerce, telecom, manufacturing, insurance, FinTech and healthcare markets. The results have led to multibillion-dollar revenue growth for private, early-stage startup, pre-IPO and Fortune 500 enterprises.

• At Marketo, professional service revenue grew from 500K to 14M and ARR from 5M to 155M within 3.5 years.
• At Adobe, I drove revenue from $15M to $65M within 2.5 years.
• At Oracle, I contributed to over $50M in license sales in one year, and grew the license pipeline over 30% with 20% YoY growth.
• As an Advisor to Jebbit (named in the Top 25 Most Promising Companies in the World by CNBC), it doubled 2018 revenue over the prior two years combined.
• As an advisor to conversational AI innovator Pypestream, it has achieved 60% YoY growth during the pandemic.
• I served on the transition team for Marketo’s $1.8B M&A deal, regularly contributing to board meetings.
• I’ve prepared materials for and attended both public and private board meetings, including at Marketo and Showpad.

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Competitive by nature (ask me about trekking up Mt. Everest Base Camp), I started Tigon Advisory, a CXO-as-a-Service growth accelerator in 2017 to multiply growth opportunities for organizations. Customers include Cisco, Qualcomm, AT&T, IBM, Vodafone and others with focus areas on deep customer insights for a profound customer experience, go-to-market expansion, digital transformation strategy, cybersecurity strategy and influencer marketing.

If you’re looking for a Board Member who can provide governance oversights on digital strategy, cybersecurity, emerging technology, customer success and global expansion, let’s talk.

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