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Irish technology start-up Journey Protector has announced that it is launching its first go-to-market product in October at the British Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (BAPCO), Coventry in the United Kingdom (UK).

The start-up is also announcing its plans to open three new offices over the next two years to drive its global expansion and support business growth. As well as new offices in the United Kingdom (UK) and Berlin (Germany) in 2022, the company is planning to open a base in the USA by the end of 2023.

Headquartered in Dublin, Journey Protector aims to safeguard vulnerable people with its autonomous, real-time monitoring and detection solution for the logistics industry. The innovative product which uses machine learning, blockchain and Microsoft Azure cloud technology, providing operators with full transparency of their controlled environments, alerting them to stowaway situations and keeping both the goods and the drivers onboard safe.

Furthermore, the solution delivers real-time updates and immediately notifies customers of a security breach with the help of an interactive dashboard. In turn, this early detection of unauthorised access enables operators to save time and money. Another unique aspect of Journey Protector is its suitability to help manage border and customs control issues.

Enabling the product design and manufacturing of this solution is Arrow Electronics, the world’s largest electronics provider who has networks and distribution centres across the globe. Collaboration with Arrow Electronics has given Journey Protector access to the best and the brightest engineering and design talent in the marketplace.

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With a business model that will support direct sales and indirect sales through partners, there is already a growing demand for this cutting-edge solution, with Journey Protector predicting its global sales to grow 45%-50% year-on-year. To meet this demand, the company plans to add to its team in the areas of engineering, operations, and sales and marketing, and is currently engaged in a strategic funding round.

Journey Protector is already gaining recognition in the market, having recently secured a €25,000 prize from Typetec’s start-ups competition, in collaboration with Microsoft. Typetec is one of Ireland’s leading managed IT service providers and a leading Gold Microsoft Partner in Ireland.

Journey Protector also aims to be the number 1 Global Technology Solution Provider in solving cross border security, theft, safety, and people trafficking issues in the next 5 years.

Journey Protector is also in the process of securing a B-Corp certification. Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business which balances purpose and profit. These organisations are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

Anne Lawlor, CEO, Journey Protector, said: “The need to tackle human trafficking, driver safety and cargo theft was the driving force behind the formation of Journey Protector. We were shocked to discover that the UK and Ireland lose €2.5 million per day due to issues caused by the migrant crisis. The rest of mainland Europe loses over €5 million per day. Cargo theft amounts to €60 billion worldwide annually. Recently, Ireland was ranked worst in western Europe for tackling human trafficking for the second year running. 

“We want a world where vulnerable people are no longer trafficked by use of haulage, and cargo theft is no longer able to harm drivers and companies. Being part of the Microsoft for Start-Ups program has given us the opportunity to develop strategic partnerships with organisations such as Arrow Electronics. We are delighted to now add Typetec to the list of associates offering us invaluable support and mentoring.”

Ken Tormey, Chief Revenue Officer, Typetec, said:We are delighted to award Journey Protector with the €25,000 start-up fund in collaboration with Microsoft. We had a rigorous selection process and Journey Protector faced stiff competition. Through the course of their presentation and pitch, we realised how important their solution is for the transport industry and the impact it could have on cross-border security. It not only protects goods but also saves lives, and we firmly belief it will make a real difference all around the world.”

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