Irish Startup Vudini targets the booming creator economy


Vudini, an Irish Artificial Intelligence startup, supported by Voxpro co-founder and investor Dan Kiely, has seen a major increase in customer growth, as a result of the pandemic-led boom in the Creator Economy. The company’s tech helps creators and brands to scale and monetise their audiences on YouTube using AI. Through its market testing, it has become clear that creators and brands don’t know how, or have the tools to organically rank their videos on YouTube and Google and reach their desired audiences.

Vudini has seen massive demand for this service across the globe, riding on the swell of people who are making a career out of creating content on social platforms. The Vudini community includes influencers and YouTube sensations like Little Kelly Minecraft. A cryptocurrency focused channel, Altcoin Daily, has increased their subscriber numbers by 850k+ since working with the Vudini platform and received 90 million video views.

The start-up has so far raised over €2m in seed funding from investors to scale its e-commerce and video tech and has recently added industry veterans, Aisling Hassell (formerly Airbnb, Sage, Symantec) and Fintan Gillespie (Snap Inc., Google) to its advisory board. Both top executives boast decades of industry experience and will be advising the startup’s efforts in identifying and evaluating potential partnerships, products and technologies to grow its offering for creators. The platform appeals to content creators, digital agencies and consumer brands looking to attract and monetise the huge base of video-savvy millennial and Gen Z consumers.

Dan Kiely said, “The creator economy is experiencing sharp growth in the wake of the pandemic and investors are taking note. Creators are the future of entertainment and anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and an idea should have the proper support infrastructure to help them in following their dreams.”

“Vudini is a platform that uses AI to optimise organic search visibility and boost a users search ranking, which is key for creators to get discovered by their target audiences. Vudini opened a funding round earlier this year and we’re continuing with investment to support the market validation and traction that we’re experiencing following the launch of our self-serve application for creators and brands. We’re currently onboarding new customers from multiple regions including the US, Japan, India, Spain and the UK, among others.”

He added, “The creator economy will encompass a large percentage of the workforce of the future, and we’re very much at an inflection point in time, where becoming a professional creator is proven to be one of the most desired jobs for the coming generations. This is such an exciting time for the creator economy, and more than ever, creators need trusted partners like Vudini, who support and deliver results quickly.”

As an industry, the creator economy has surged in 2021 and has surpassed 50 million income earners worldwide. The number of people looking to become online influencers has exploded during the pandemic. This was already a major global trend, but the pandemic expedited this shift to e-commerce and digital marketing. Becoming a creator has become the most desirable job for Gen Z and globally it’s one of the fastest-growing types of small business. YouTube has more than 37 million channels, growing 23% year-over-year and the global creator economy is estimated to be worth over $100bn.

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Vudini was co-founded by Dan Kiely, Mike English and Ricky Hill and is a Google & YouTube approved and certified AI video SEO platform. Every brand and creator is trying to get to page one of Google and YouTube – the premium real estate. Vudini simplifies and automates the technical complexity involved with optimising video through a robust platform that is aimed at the growth markets of the creator economy, video and e-commerce, and also supports their customers through a team of YouTube and Google experts.

The platform navigates the 200-plus processes that require optimisation for video distribution and target audience reach, ultimately taking on the science and operational burden to rank, by speaking the language of the YouTube algorithms. In this way, Vudini unlocks exceptional performance for each video that builds significant views, subscribers and income over time.

The Vudini platform is affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to succeed with video. Vudini is now looking to scale up its operations and offering, to bring the platform to a wider audience and scale the team to support customer growth. It also plans to address how interactivity and capturing user intent is currently missing in video and is developing tech to automate video content creation.

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