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1 August 2022
By Mary Bermingham

Terra Ignis has ‘planted itself’ in Cork’s English Market’s start-up stall, unearthing new potentials and firing up taste buds. Terra Ignis, founded by Linda O’Flynn and Ivo Duarte, is a range of fermented products including oak bark fermented ketchup, gooseberry and honeysuckle soda and lemon verbena kombucha vinegar.

The name Terra Ignis was taken from latin words, Terra meaning earth and Ignis meaning fire. Together, Linda and Ivo are igniting old aged techniques to showcase the land at our feet, making inaccessible ingredients available to the masses in the city’s much-loved market. Accompanied by their daughter, Daisy, they grow, forage and support local producers, crafting each product to celebrate local plants.

With a combined background of herbalism and fermentation, together Linda and Ivo bring a modern probiotic interpretation of classic products. Linda has worked as a bartender in Cork for 11 years, most recently developing award winning cocktail menus in Cask. Having won Diageo’s World Class Ireland in 2019, she was able to showcase the best of local, Irish produce to the world, which she hopes to continue to do at the English Market stall.

Ivo has been a chef for 11 years and has worked on both organic and biodynamic farms, having extensive experience in the growth and use of plants. Coupled with Ivo’s fermentation experience, Linda uses her extensive knowledge in herbalism to create probiotic sodas, vinegars and cordials with local seasonal plants at their heart. Moving with the season, Terra Ignis will bring to its English Market stall a variety of underused and beneficial plants, crafted to create products full of probiotics and flavour, balanced by nature.

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