Fibro Fog – Is This A Form Of Dementia

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Jasper Titus asked 9 months ago

Fibro Fog – Is This A Form Of Dementia? I always jump out of joy when my clients compliment me. Saying my program has helped the to improve their health positively. And has also made their lives much happy. This happens very much with the feedback of my Fibromyalgia program. My clients always tell me that my program helped them when nothing else seemed working. That is because i always consider fibromyalgia as a medical problem.

The main symptoms is considered to be chronic pain and fatigue. Physicians often misdiagnose this for depression. Some of them even think that the person is exaggerating this and even thought to be physic. I’m not very much surprised when I hear that many doctors do not treat fibromyalgia. The daughter of one such client wrote to me, telling me that her mother, who was suffering from some form of dementia and was being tested for Fibromyalgia can also cause Alzheimer’s.

The medication that has been prescribed doesn’t seem to work. Instead it contributed to the elevate the mind problem her mother was experiencing. After trying my program, not only did the painful joint pain and chronic fatigue dissipate but now suddenly, her mother’s short term memory loss and language lapses were a thing of the past. How could a program intended for one condition treat another? In short, this can happen with many of my programs – many of them are designed to provide the body with the proper amounts of oxygen.

It’s understandable that more oxygen to one area will also mean more oxygen to another. In this instance, however, it’s more than that. This is because another symptom of fibromyalgia, while not as well known, can still be just as exasperating to deal with. This is called fibro fog. Sufferers of fibro fog can experience one or more of the following: short-term memory loss, clouded thinking, intermittent language lapses and difficulty concentrating.

It is just a mystery. Just like fibromyalgia fibro fog too doesn’t have a definite cause. There many theories by experts. The so far proposed theories are lack of oxygen to the brain, lack of delta wave sleep (deepest level of sleep) and side effects of certain medications (among them, ironically, medicines to treat fibromyalgia pain). Lack of sleep is generally contributed to the pain of fibromyalgia. When this deepest level of sleep cannot be achieved, the brain is unable to sort through all of the new things the conscious mind has learned throughout the day and can result in difficulty with memory recall.

It’s not actually the memory that’s affected, it’s the brain’s ability to recall the learned info that is affected. While the above symptoms of fibro fog do seem to mimic Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, one should not that fibro fog is a physical symptom of fibromyalgia and is not a degenerative disease. This means that if one can clear up fibromyalgia symptoms, this one will dissipate as well and “normal” thinking will occur again. Other methods to do is sleeping well, oferty pracy w szwajcarii you can try a fan or an “white noise”.

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